Apply to ICAN

Apply to ICAN if you are interested in applied machine learning for IoT/Cloud/Edge or Genomics/Biological Engineering: always looking for ambitious undergrads + grads and a postdoc

If you are a potential undergrad/graduate researcher, please answer the following questions in your inquiry:

  1. Give one paper of ours that you have at least skimmed through. What appealed to you about the paper (if anything)? Is there something that you would do differently or more to build upon that paper?
  2. What is your undergraduate institution and rank in your class? For example, 3/110 in the Computer Science department of Institution X.
  3. Is there a faculty member at your current or past institution who can describe your potential for research?

Email me ( with the subject line: “Potential student in ICAN: read website material

Also, specifically looking for some US citizens ABE Masters applicants for a “National Needs Fellowship” in ABE funded by USDA:

Apply for a research-based MS degree in Data Science and Engineering concentration within ABE