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NEW: posted (June 2022)

Even though we are always on the lookout for awesome undergrads, here is a new opportunity:

We have 2 new NSF-REU positions through my NSF-CAREER project on streaming video analytics where you get a full-stack development experience all the way from writing code to making the code work on mobile GPUs and on drones. We also have an active collaboration with the following companies for you to get exposed to industry standards and state-of-the-art research from the top conferences.

Companies: Microsoft Research, Microsoft Azure, Adobe Research, Amazon.

Tech Partners: WHIN (Wabash Heartland Innovation Network) - funding through the Lilly Endowment and other local digital agriculture companies.

Project title for 2022's REU program with our lab: Improved Performance of Serverless Computing Workloads for Computer Vision Applications in the World of Internet of Small Things (IoST)

Example projects

Email me at with the subject: "ICAN developer"

NEW: posted (June 2022)

We are also hiring awesome interns for our new startup KeyByte (, which is a blazing fast cloud optimization company, pun intended. We have a new grant starting in July 2022 from the TRASK Innovation Fund, granted by Purdue's Office of Technology Commercialization and is on the following project:

Project title for 2022's Internship with KeyByte: Serverless Cloud Engineering for Complex Machine Learning Workloads: Fast and Furious for your Hardest Data Analytics Tasks

Email me at with the subject: "KeyByte developer"

NEW: Awesome frontend engineer for ICAN and/or for KeyByte

If frontend development is your zing, please apply for this broadcasting your skills and sending me your CV. Email me at with the subject: "KeyByte frontend developer"

Apply to ICAN if you are interested in applied machine learning for IoT/Cloud/Edge or Genomics/Biological Engineering: always looking for ambitious undergrads + grads and a postdoc

If you are a potential undergrad/graduate researcher, please answer the following questions in your inquiry:

  1. Give one paper of ours that you have at least skimmed through. What appealed to you about the paper (if anything)? Is there something that you would do differently or more to build upon that paper?
  2. What is your undergraduate institution and rank in your class? For example, 3/110 in the Computer Science department of Institution X.
  3. Is there a faculty member at your current or past institution who can describe your potential for research?

Email me ( with the subject line: “Potential student in ICAN: read website material

Also, specifically looking for some US citizens ABE Masters applicants for a “National Needs Fellowship” in ABE funded by USDA:

Apply for a research-based MS degree in Data Science and Engineering concentration within ABE