ICAN - Innovatory for Cells and [Neural] Machines

[L → R: Karthick, Ashraf, Ran, Atul, Me]

Graduate students


PengCheng Wang
Project: Machine learning for IoT


Atul Sharma
Project: Regulatory genomics
and interpretable ML


Ashraf Mahgoub
Project: Computation for the
microbiome and scalable data


Jayoung (Jay) Lee
Project: Federated learning
and distributed ML

Other graduate student collaborators:
Hany Ahmed [Cairo University]
Mustafa Abdallah [Purdue]
Ran Xu [Purdue]

Undergraduate students


Karthick Shankar
Project: Computer vision
and serverless computing


Kishore GV [IIT Madras,
Electrical Engineering]

Project: On-device analytics
(compressed neural networks)


Pranjal Jain [IIT Bombay,
Electrical Engineering/
Compute Science]

Project: Genomics data science

New Students

I am always looking for new students with stellar coding skills and a passion to apply computer science skills to digital health and other cyber-physical systems. I often have funded research positions for graduate and undergraduate students. Skills I am looking for are:

  1. Motivated and self-driven
  2. Required technical skills: Some experience with one or more ML toolkits (scikit-learn, Pytorch, TensorFlow, etc.); Some coding experience in C/C++/Java/Python
  3. Desired technical skills: Some understanding of one of the two domains: digital agriculture or genomics and precision health

Typically students in our lab have an undergraduate degree in Biomedical or Biological Engineering with a minor in a computational discipline or an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Electrical or Electronics Engineering.

If you meet the criteria and are interested in our lab, please drop a note to me over email (schaterji@purdue.edu) with the subject line “Potential student in Cells & Machines Innovatory: read website material”.