Spring 2022 Update

Somali (pronounced Shoh-mah-lee) Chaterji is an Assistant Professor at Purdue University where she leads the Innovatory for Cells and Neural Machines (ICAN). Her group and collaborators have fun in the cloud, and now at the edge, innovating algorithms to run on the cloud (serverless), and on the edge (more recently). She is very proud of her students and collaborations that have led to papers in EuroSys, CVPR, OSDI, and Sigmetrics this year. She is also delighted to be awarded the National Science Foundation CAREER award (on streamlining algorithms for IoT and mobile video analytics). This award is a beacon for assistant professors in the US and LiteReconfig is her first publication coming out of the funding!

Service: Dr. Chaterji is on the program committees of NeurIPS (Machine Learning), ICML (Machine Learning), USENIX ATC (Computer Systems Research), HotStorage (Computational Storage Research), IROS (Robotics), and HiComb (Computational Biology), Spring 2022.