For Thrust 1, Prof. Chaterji is a part of the Data Science/Digital Agriculture area of ABE and here is a blurb portraying the area's highlights:

Data science and engineering is revolutionizing agriculture and improving data flow from sensors to end users by decreasing data latency, improving the precision and predictive power of tools, and identifying bottlenecks in food and agricultural systems. We work on leading edge topics such as harnessing heterogeneous data from biosensors, hyperspectral imaging systems, GPU/FPGA accelerators, aerial UAVs, remote-sensing satellites, and streaming data analytics to revolutionize agriculture and other domains involving automation. Through software engineering, applied machine learning, data engineering, and robotics, we look to create the next-generation techniques for the technical community and corresponding tools to benefit society.

Project Thrust 1: Internet-of-Things and Scalable Databases for Digital Agriculture

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