Somali Chaterji

Research Interests

Here is the vision of my lab, which straddles digital agriculture and computational biology using applied data analytics:

The primary focus of my research is applied data analytics and data engineering directed at the domains of digital agriculture and precision healthcare. On the digital agriculture front, our focus is on the data engineering side especially designing algorithms for lightweight in-sensor analytics, partitioning algorithms across different platforms of computation (sensor → edge → cloud), and designing robust backend databases for high-performance data lakes for IoT in digital agriculture. On the digital health front, our focus is on the computational genomics and synthetic biology sub-domains.


Innovatory for Cells and Neurual Machines

Center affiliations: CRISP and OATS

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My current areas of interest and expertise are:

Digital Agriculture

High-Performance Genomics

Precision Therapeutics

Decoding The Rules of Life

Interpretable Epigenome