Wang, P., Yi, E. B., Ratkus, T., and Chaterji, S. (2021). ORPHEUS: Living Labs for End-to-End Data Infrastructures for Digital Agriculture. arXiv preprint arXiv:2111.09422.

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Pengcheng Wang, Edgardo Barsallo Yi

IoT networks are being used to collect, analyze, and utilize sensor data. There are still some key requirements to leverage IoT networks in digital agriculture, e.g., design and deployment of energy saving and ruggedized sensor nodes (SN), reliable and long-range wireless network connectivity, end-to-end data collection pipelines for batch and streaming data. Thus, we introduce our living lab ORPHEUS and its design and implementation trajectory to showcase our orchestrated testbed of IoT sensors, data connectivity, database orchestration, and visualization dashboard. We deploy light-weight energy saving SNs in the field to collect data, using LoRa (Long Range wireless) to transmit data from the SNs to the Gateway node, upload all the data to the database server, and finally visualize the data. For future exploration, we also built a testbed of embedded devices using four different variants of NVIDIA Jetson development modules (Nano, TX2, Xavier NX, AGX Xavier) to benchmark the potential upgrade choices for SNs in ORPHEUS. Based on our deployment in multiple farms in a 3-county region around Purdue University, and on the Purdue University campus, we present analyses from our living lab deployment and additional components of the next-generation IoT farm.