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  1. March 2020: Prof. Chaterji teaching a new data science and engineering course titled: ABE 591: Big Data Analytics and HPC; “Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing for Digital Agriculture and Biological Engineering; Part 1: Algorithms, resilient data lakes, and analytics at the edge”. Starts March 11, 2020. 1-credit data science stackable course. In WALC 3121. Wednesdays 6p - 7:50p. Course flyer

  2. March 2020: Come learn about our laboratory “Innovatory for Cells and (Neural) Machines”. March 3, 2020. “Artificial Intelligence, Scalable Data Lakes, and On-Device Computation: Applications in Digital Agriculture and Computational Genomics”. Abstract

  3. February 2020: Read our vision article on "Artificial Intelligence for Digital Agriculture at Scale: Techniques, Policies, and Challenges". This was funded by Purdue's 150 Giant Leaps Initiative and is a collaboration between Purdue Agriculture, Purdue Engineering, Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering (LORRE, Purdue), and Microsoft Azure (FarmBeats). The paper talks about the strategic importance of digital agricultural solutions, empowering farmers with low-cost sensors, drones, and innovative machine learning algorithms for integrating the streaming data sets from the IoT sensors. It also identifies some of the gaps to adoption for digital agriculture solutions, especially as relates to data ownership concerns, economics, financial incentives of data ownership, and privacy-related concerns. Paper

  4. October 2019: New paper on finding the hotspots of SNPs and fast, using GPU accelerators; link:

  5. July 2019: 2 new papers in Nature Scientific Reports:
    -- Athena: Automated Tuning of k-mer Based Genomic Error Correction Algorithms using Language Models: This is the first application of natural language processing (NLP) for error correction in genomics reads; Link:
    -- Scalable Genome Assembly through Parallel de Bruijn Graph Construction for Multiple k-mers: This paper speeds up genome assembly, benchmarked in the assembly of microbiomes (metagenomics CAMI benchmarks) and single-cell genomes, using multi-grained parallelization; Link:

  6. July 2019: Cells and Machines goes to ASABE AIM 2019 in Boston, presenting two papers on applications of data science and data engineering in digital Ag. 

  7. July 2019: Our paper on online tuning of noSQL databases such as Cassandra and Redis presented at USENIX-ATC 2019 in Renton, WA. [ Link ]

  8. June 2019: IFIP Working Group talk on Database tuning for distributed clusters for precision medicine and digital agriculture applications. [ Link ]

  9. May 2019: Three vision papers (teasers) along the lines of the directions of research in my lab online in IEEExplore: machines,  ML and healthcare, & distributed ledgers (blockchain).

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