Somali Chaterji

Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Purdue University

[How to say my name: SHOH-MAH-LEE CHA-ter-JEE]


  1. Do you want to design condition-specific, precise, nucleotide-based therapeutics? How to predict the targetome of regulatory non-coding RNA with non-canonical targets?
  2. How do long non-coding RNAs act as enhancers of gene expression?
  3. Can we cluster the non-coding regulatory genome based on their underlying combinatorial signatures?
  4. How to build parallel algorithms for genomics applications?
  5. Do you want to collaboratively build libraries and a DSL for genomics?

Examples of questions that we are looking to answer are:

  1. How do you predict the function and targets of these non-coding regions using cutting-edge machine learning techniques?
  2. How to use graph-based methods to extend gene regulatory networks?
  3. How do you become a part of the $1000 genome? Is it for real ( Can you be a part of this Analysis Revolution, analyzing omics data?
  4. Can you precisely edit out the erroneous parts of genomes?

If all of this excites you and you are looking to be a part of this exciting “omics” revolution, come join us!