Somali Chaterji

Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Purdue University

[How to say my name: SHOH-MAH-LEE CHA-ter-JEE]

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  1. October 2019: New paper on finding the hotspots of SNPs and fast, using GPU accelerators; link:
  2. July 2019: 2 new papers in Nature Scientific Reports:
    -- Athena: Automated Tuning of k-mer Based Genomic Error Correction Algorithms using Language Models: This is the first application of natural language processing (NLP) for error correction in genomics reads; Link:
    -- Scalable Genome Assembly through Parallel de Bruijn Graph Construction for Multiple k-mers: This paper speeds up genome assembly, benchmarked in the assembly of microbiomes (metagenomics CAMI benchmarks) and single-cell genomes, using multi-grained parallelization; Link:

  3. July 2019: Cells and Machines goes to ASABE AIM 2019 in Boston, presenting two papers on applications of data science and data engineering in digital Ag. 

  4. July 2019: Our paper on online tuning of noSQL databases such as Cassandra and Redis presented at USENIX-ATC 2019 in Renton, WA. [ Link ]

  5. June 2019: IFIP Working Group talk on Database tuning for distributed clusters for precision medicine and digital agriculture applications. [ Link ]

  6. May 2019: Three vision papers (teasers) along the lines of the directions of research in my lab online in IEEExplore: machines,  ML and healthcare, & distributed ledgers (blockchain).

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